Gag Gifts for Preppers – The 2014 Holiday Guide

Holiday Gift Guide Thumbnail

For the past few years, I’ve pulled together the best gifts for preppers I can think of, to help you in your Holiday purchases. This year, I thought it would be fun to put aside some of the more regular stuff that we always talk about, and give you guys some amusing and down right […]

My Car Survival Kit


My car survival kit is something that is constantly being revised, updated, and added to. You guys might’ve seen me mention my car survival kit in the guide I did on survival gear for REAL preppers. But not too long ago, I grabbed a handful of things for each of my car kits, so I […]

Keychain EDC Flashlights – Daily Prep Episode 323

Keychain Lights

In this guest prepisode, our friend NotUNotMe briefly touches on the importance of having keychain EDC flashlights. Many people rely on their cell phones as flashlights, but in this video, he makes the good point that phones frequently get left in the next room, the car, or elsewhere not on our person. Our keys, by […]

Do NOT Buy These 4 EDC Lights! – Daily Prep Episode 319

Do Not Buy These EDC Lights

Are you looking for EDC lights that you can put on your keychain? I have been trying to find one myself that meets the following criteria: is tiny takes AAA battery has a push button on/off switch has a keychain hole drilled in it A couple months ago, I thought I might’ve found a couple […]

Daily Prep Episode 314: Kodiak Paracord Survival Kit

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Last week I met up with my old buddy JP from Outdoor Element, to check out one of his new creations. It’s called The Kodiak, and is essentially a paracord survival kit. But unlike other traditional paracord survival bracelets, The Kodiak is equipped with much more than just cordage. It includes: A patented “striker buckle” […]

Daily Prep Episode 302: PowerPot Initial Impressions

PowerPot Review

Through a mutual acquaintance, I met the guys from PowerPot last week. If you guys haven’t heard of them yet, they make a really cool thermoelectric charger for preppers that charges phones and devices using the heat from a fire. Thermoelectric sensors in the bottom of the pot transform heat into electricity and

Why Carry A Knife?

Why Carry A Knife

You ever stop and ask yourself “Why carry a knife?” Day after day, as we’re heading out the door, we grab our keys, wallets and our knives. I actually didn’t start carrying a knife everyday until after I’d started The Daily Prep (In fact, it was August 11, 2011…you can see the historic moment happen […]

Daily Prep Episode 294: Kershaw Skyline

Quick Look of the Kershaw Skyline

Last Friday, I picked up a new little EDC knife… the Kershaw Skyline. I was at Blade HQ’s 10th anniversary and storefront grand opening party. The mood was right, and knives were “in the air”, so I decided to snag this guy…but not before I almost bought

Come Hang With Me at the Blade HQ Party! 3/29/13

Blade HQ Party

In case you guys can’t remember, these are the dudes that invited me to come field test the Zero Tolerance 350 knife with them last summer, in an “urban bug out” style field test. We had a ton of fun, and have kept in touch ever since (more recently, they also invited me and a […]