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First Look at the Schumacher Portable Power Station XP2260

Alright folks, so I have to be honest…. this video kinda went off the rails… I was sitting down to do it, my wife had the camera in hand, and […]

Hultafors Heavy Duty Knife and G.I. Tanto – Daily Prep Episode 351

Due to a recommendation from FerFal at The Modern Survivalist, I recently picked up the Hultafors Heavy Duty Knife. I also recently bought the Cold Steel G.I. Tanto as a […]

The GMAG Salt Water Battery Charger – Daily Prep Episode 338

A couple of years ago, I did a prepisode on the GMAG salt water battery charger. Try as I might, I was not able to get the unit working well, […]

My Car Survival Kit

My car survival kit is something that is constantly being revised, updated, and added to. Not too long ago, I grabbed a handful of things for each kit, so I […]

Kydex Pistol Holster from Locust Tactical – Daily Prep Episode 328

Even though I still haven’t gotten my concealed carry permit, I recently picked up an “inside the waistband” kydex pistol holster.  I got it from a local Utah company called […]

Keychain EDC Flashlights – Daily Prep Episode 323

In this guest prepisode, our friend NotUNotMe briefly touches on the importance of having keychain EDC flashlights. Many people rely on their cell phones as flashlights, but in this video, […]

Do NOT Buy These 4 EDC Lights! – Daily Prep Episode 319

Are you looking for EDC lights that you can put on your keychain? I have been trying to find one myself that meets the following criteria: is tiny takes AAA […]