Apricot Harvest: Trying To Make The Most of It

Apricot harvest lessons

Today’s prepisode about our apricot harvest is actually from The Daily Prep archives–footage that was shot a while back but never posted. So here’s what happened guys: Since we moved into our new house early last spring, we have been working on things, fixing things up, buying stuff, and being parents. While all this is […]

Geoff Lawton Videos on Permaculture

Geoff Lawton Videos on Permaculture

For today’s best of web monday, I wanted to throw to the library of Geoff Lawton videos on permaculture. For those of you who might not be familiar with Geoff Lawton, he is one of the foremost authorities on permaculture on the planet today. Although he hails from Australia, he travels all over the world […]

The New Food Storage Guide is Live!

food storage guide

Exciting News! The Long Term Food Storage Guide for Average Joes is live! Check it out here.  In a nutshell, the reason I wanted to make a resource like this, was to offer preppers something really organized and simple looking. Heaven knows there are plenty of challenges and things to be thinking about when it comes […]

6 Tips for Pruning An Apple Tree

6 Tips for Pruning An Apple Tree

Although it’s late in the 2014 season already, today I wanted to give you 6 big helps for pruning an apple tree (or any fruit tree for that matter). If you haven’t ever done it before, this is something that can seem a little overwhelming, but it’s really easy to get going. So even if […]

Early Frost 2013 – Daily Prep Episode 350

Early Frost 2013

Well, I’m ashamed to say it, but due to an early frost in 2013, I lost a TON of tomatoes and other garden goodness (not sure if this was worse than the apricot harvest I lost to the heat in the summer of 2014). Yep, last week we had a little cold front hit the […]

Cooking With Food Storage Preps – Daily Prep Episode 348

Cooking With Food Storage

So in last Tuesday’s prepisode, I introduced the giveaway competition for this week, which was to show us a meal that you had made cooking with food storage preps. Now that it’s been a week, it’s time to announce the winner… Tom from Frugal Prepper!! Congrats brotha! Tom gets the award for not only showing […]

The Urban Farming Guys – Daily Prep Episode 347

Screen Shot 2013-09-23 at 4.17.45 PM

If you’re a prepper and you live urban, you NEED to check out The Urban Farming Guys. They are a group of 20+ families who purposely moved into one of the worst areas of downtown Kansas City, called the Lykins neighborhood. Here they brave the everyday realities (horrors) or living in an area ridden with […]

Ben Falk’s Whole Systems Design – Daily Prep Episode 344

Whole Systems Design

Today’s Best of Web Monday resource is Whole Systems Design. Basically put,  Whole Systems Design is a study of how humans can get the most abundance out of their land. This means the lowest possible input for the greatest possible output (i.e. passive or near passive production). So Ben Falk and his team at Whole […]

Survival Fishing Practice – Daily Prep Episode 336

Survival Fishing Practice

A huge part of being truly self sufficient is learning how to get food from the earth. And for me, part of that means practicing a little survival fishing. I did not grow up fishing. My dad didn’t fish, and I didn’t have a ton of friends that fished either. But I recognize that in […]

How To Rescue Tomatoes Falling Over – Daily Prep Episode 333

tomatoes falling over

Tomatoes falling over? A couple weeks of ill-timed negligence in the garden will do a number on your tomatoes! Especially if it’s in the middle of the summer, getting full sun and plenty of water. No, this isn’t a hypothtical problem. As my tomatoes have gotten bigger over this last month, a couple plants

Can You Revive Bolting Spinach? – Daily Prep Episode 321

Can You Save Bolting Spinach

Is it possible to revive bolting spinach? I’m wondering because after just a couple really hot days this week, suddenly all my greens are now flowers. From everything I’ve read and heard, I’m not alone in this problem. Spinach is a cool weather crop that thrives the most in fall or spring, and (from the […]

Daily Prep Episode 317: Raised Bed Garden Update

Raised Bed Garden

Many of you have seen my first couple of gardening videos this season (if you haven’t yet, you can check out my “How to Start a Raised Bed Garden” and “Raised Bed Watering System” videos). Now that it’s been roughly a month since I planted my raised bed garden, I thought I’d give you a […]