The New Food Storage Guide is Live!

Exciting News! The Long Term Food Storage Guide for Average Joes is live! Check it out here.  In a nutshell, the reason I wanted to make a resource like this, was […]

6 Tips for Pruning An Apple Tree

Although it’s late in the 2014 season already, today I wanted to give you 6 big helps for pruning an apple tree (or any fruit tree for that matter). If […]

Early Frost 2013 – Daily Prep Episode 350

Well, I’m ashamed to say it, but due to an early frost in 2013, I lost a TON of tomatoes and other garden goodness. Yep, last week we had a […]

Cooking With Food Storage Preps – Daily Prep Episode 348

So in last Tuesday’s prepisode, I introduced the giveaway competition for this week, which was to show us a meal that you had made cooking with food storage preps. Now […]

The Urban Farming Guys – Daily Prep Episode 347

If you’re a prepper and you live urban, you NEED to check out The Urban Farming Guys. They are a group of 20+ families who purposely moved into one of […]

Your Biggest 2013 Gardening Takeaway? – Daily Prep Episdoe 346

As the 2013 summer gardening season wears on, I’ve been able to harvest a pretty good amount of fruit. Tomatoes have really been on for the past several weeks, and […]

Ben Falk’s Whole Systems Design – Daily Prep Episode 344

Today’s Best of Web Monday resource is Whole Systems Design. Basically put,  Whole Systems Design is a study of how humans can get the most abundance out of their land. […]