Boneyard Studios Tiny House Community

Boneyard Studios Tiny House Community

For today’s “Best of Web” Monday, I throw to a really cool community of tiny houses in Washington D.C, called Boneyard Studios. It’s headquarters are located in what was essentially a leftover lot in the middle of the urban sprawl. Pretty cool! Through some zoning work and a lot of creativity, Boneyard Studios developed a […]

My Super Bowl Insurance Commercial

Insurance for Preppers

Like a handful of you know, my little girl has been back in the hospital for the past 5 days. For as much as that sucks, it isn’t anywhere near as terrifying as it was last summer. This time, she’s just in the hospital because she’s sick and can’t keep food down. The fact that […]

Gold and Silver as Investments – Daily Prep Episode 360

investing in precious metals

Today I wanted to touch on just a couple more aspects of gold and silver as investments. Specifically: To be invested in precious metals, you don’t have to necessarily own physical gold and silver. It’s not just individuals that are investing in gold and silver. Large organizations and many governments are invested as well. Historically […]

The History of Gold and Silver – Daily Prep Episode 356

Gold Bars

So what’s the deal with gold and silver? Why are preppers so obsessed with it? Pretty simple really. Because the volatility in our currency market is a very real threat that can cause utter financial ruin overnight. So, many preppers use gold and silver as a tool to protect against complete loss of wealth. Many […]

Should Preppers Buy Gold and Silver?

Buy Gold and Silver

Frequently I hear or read about whether or not preppers should buy gold and silver as an investment. The answer is “yes”, but I thought I’d give you 1 specific reason why. Simply put, many currencies in the world today are not backed by anything tangible (commodoties, precious metals, etc). In the U.S., and elsewhere […]

Daily Prep Episode 226: How To Buy a Used Car

226 New Car

Last weekend, my wife and I bought a used car. Nothing fancy (like a Dodge Dart), but just a little “grocery getter commuter car.” My little brother had a few questions about the process, so I thought I’d post a quick video for him and anybody else who might be looking for a few pointers. […]

Daily Prep Episode 96: REWORK!


At long last, I’m back from my holiday hiatus in San Diego. While it was a fun filled trip, I’m excited to be back to my routine and to you folks. Today I throw to my favorite read of 2011–a book called REWORK. If I had to sum it all up in one sentence, I […]

Daily Prep Episode 71: 3 Ways To Stand Out From Other Job Applicants


Midway though yesterday’s prepisode, I knew there had to be another… In yesterday’s prepisode, we talked about finding employment FAST. Today I wanted to share a few ideas to use during your more traditional job search (submitting resumes, interviewing, etc) about how to REALLY stand out from the pack. These ideas are not only fun, […]