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Boneyard Studios Tiny House Community

For today’s “Best of Web” Monday, I throw to a really cool community of tiny houses in Washington D.C, called Boneyard Studios. It’s headquarters are located in what was essentially […]

My Super Bowl Insurance Commercial

Like a handful of you know, my little girl has been back in the hospital for the past 5 days. For as much as that sucks, it isn’t anywhere near […]

Gold and Silver as Investments – Daily Prep Episode 360

Today I wanted to touch on just a couple more aspects of gold and silver as investments. Specifically: To be invested in precious metals, you don’t have to necessarily own […]

How Should You Set Your Prepping Budget? – Daily Prep Episode 358

So I was browsing the interwebs a couple nights ago, when lo and behold I saw that I had a message on my YouTube channel from a dude named Colby. […]

The History of Gold and Silver – Daily Prep Episode 356

So what’s the deal with gold and silver? Why are preppers so obsessed with it? Pretty simple really. Because the volatility in our currency market is a very real threat […]

4 FREE Insurance Guides from The Simple Dollar Blog – Daily Prep Episode 322

I recently got an email from a reader encouraging me to check out The Simple Dollar blog. I did and was pleasantly surprised! It is an amazing resource with LOTS […]

Should Preppers Buy Gold and Silver?

Frequently I hear or read about whether or not preppers should buy gold and silver as an investment. The answer is “yes”, but I thought I’d give you 1 specific […]