DIY / How-To’s

6 Tips for Pruning An Apple Tree

Although it’s late in the 2014 season already, today I wanted to give you 6 big helps for pruning an apple tree (or any fruit tree for that matter). If […]

Smoke Detector Placement In Your House- Daily Prep Episode 341

So where is the best smoke detector placement in your home? Short answer….it depends (can’t be too easy right?). For starters, how big is your home and how many levels […]

How To Make a Simple Water Distiller for $5 – Daily Prep Episode 334

Once upon a time, WAY back in Prepisode #5, I showed how you could make a simple water distiller, using inexpensive items that are small enough to fit in your […]

Daily Prep Episode 316: Raised Bed Watering System

A couple months back, I was watching LDS Prepper’s videos on his Mittleider Gardening method, and got the idea for my own raised bed watering system. Essentially, the idea of […]

Daily Prep Episode 283: How To Do…Anything?

Have you ever tried to make a handgun out of a mousetrap or fuel from water? Well, next time you are, look no further than Grant Thompson, The King of […]

Daily Prep Episode 277: DIY Food Storage Organizer Under Your Bed

Like many “urbivalists”, living in small spaces, I am always on the lookout for ways to maximize available space. So I perked up a¬†while back, when I saw an idea […]

Daily Prep Episode 243: Seed Sprouting for Preppers

Now that my garden has officially kicked the bucket for the season, I’ve decided to try my hand at a little sprouting. Sprouts are cheap, easy to grow, and contain […]