6 Tips for Pruning An Apple Tree

6 Tips for Pruning An Apple Tree

Although it’s late in the 2014 season already, today I wanted to give you 6 big helps for pruning an apple tree (or any fruit tree for that matter). If you haven’t ever done it before, this is something that can seem a little overwhelming, but it’s really easy to get going. So even if […]

Smoke Detector Placement In Your House- Daily Prep Episode 341

Smoke Detector Placement

So where is the best smoke detector placement in your home? Short answer….it depends (can’t be too easy right?). For starters, how big is your home and how many levels are there? A very large home could need 10 or more smoke detectors, whereas a small home or apartment may only need a couple. In […]

Daily Prep Episode 316: Raised Bed Watering System

Raised Bed Watering System

A couple months back, I was watching LDS Prepper’s videos on his Mittleider Gardening method, and got the idea for my own raised bed watering system. Essentially, the idea of his system is to create a PVC line that shoots hyper-focused little jets of water directly at the base of your plants. By drilling a […]

Daily Prep Episode 283: How To Do…Anything?

Grant Thompson King of Random

Have you ever tried to make a handgun out of a mousetrap or fuel from water? Well, next time you are, look no further than Grant Thompson, The King of Random. Grant has a series of youtube vids featuring useful and entertaining DIY tutorials. A lot of them have tie-ins to survival and emergency preparedness […]

Daily Prep Episode 243: Seed Sprouting for Preppers

243 sprouts

Now that my garden has officially kicked the bucket for the season, I’ve decided to try my hand at a little sprouting. Sprouts are cheap, easy to grow, and contain a lot of nutrition. And, you can sprout almost anything! Today I’m making an easy sprouter out of a canning jar, and some plastic needlepoint […]

Daily Prep Episode 226: How To Buy a Used Car

226 New Car

Last weekend, my wife and I bought a used car. Nothing fancy (like a Dodge Dart), but just a little “grocery getter commuter car.” My little brother had a few questions about the process, so I thought I’d post a quick video for him and anybody else who might be looking for a few pointers. […]

Daily Prep Episode 178: How To Turn Potatoes Into Plants


Today’s prepisode is a simple DIY for anybody looking to grow some potatoes (or sweet potatoes). I’m assuming that many people already know this, but for those who don’t–here you go. If you have kids, doing something like this is the perfect opportunity to teach about food. -Dan

Daily Prep Episode 172: How To Make a Square Foot Garden


Because of my move, I’m not getting near the jump I wanted to on getting my garden in, but better late than never right? (some of you guys may remember that prepisode #1 was my attempt to get a garden in last summer–on July 31st!). Today I give you a look at how to make […]

Daily Prep Episode 166: How To Make a Water Saving SHTF Sink


I’m 4 days into my week long “no running water challenge“, and due to a little inspiration I gathered from Brooklyn Prepper, today I made a sink setup that will allow me to save and re-purpose a TON of water. Thanks Brooklyn! Resources: My week long “no running water” challenge here. Check out Brooklyn Prepper’s […]

Daily Prep Episode 161: How To Make A Hobo Stove


Hobo stoves are a classic urban survival solution to making a cook fire. They require very little surface area, provide a level surface for cooking, and display almost no flame signature. And you can make one out of a can you find in the gutter. As an added bonus, they work great with alcohol fuel […]

Daily Prep Episode 118: How To Make a Simple Water Filter


After last Tuesday’s prepisode on water purification, I had a couple comments from our good friend J-Web asking about water filtration using things around the house. It reminded me that I had read about making a water filter from things around the house in Apartment Prepper’s book, The Prepper’s Pocket Guide. Because I had wanted […]