We Got Robbed!!!

We got robbed The Daily Prep

Today’s prepisode is a painful one, but one that needs to be shared nonetheless. My wife and I woke up this morning and realized that during the night, somebody had jumped our fence, came up into our carport, and stole some our things. They took a baby stroller that was sitting in the carport, and […]

What are Your Shooting Drills? – Daily Prep Episode 357

Shooting Drills

Have you ever shot at a cowboy town? Ton o fun!! Recently, a couple buddies and I got to do just that down at the North Springs Shooting Center in Price, Utah. It’s WAY out in the middle of nowhere, and a pretty significant time commitment (probably a 2 hour plus drive, one way for […]

Your $500 Budget Arsenal – Daily Prep Episode 349

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 9.43.45 PM

Today’s Best of Web Monday resource comes from my good friend and fellow YouTuber “Never Enuff Ammo.” (Matt) As you can probably judge from the sound of his username, the main focus of his channel is on firearms, but he also has videos about other prepping topics. Today, I want to highlight one video series […]

$15 Coupon Code from Online Carry Training

Chris from Online Carry Training

Today I’m joined via skype by Chris from Online Carry Training. As the founder and CEO, Chris started Online Carry Training just under 2 years ago, after having taught offline concealed carry classes for quite some time. Chris recognized the challenge that many people face with scheduling and travel to take a concealed carry course, […]

7 Reasons Preppers Should Not Live Urban

7 Reasons To Avoid High Population Density Areas

As some of you guys know, Joel Skousen’s book Strategic Relocation points out several reasons why high population density areas are especially volatile and vulnerable in the face of disaster situations . There are 7 specific reasons that I thought I’d pass along to you: Excessive Specialization– Hardly any “generalists” in high population density areas. […]

Why Carry A Knife?

Why Carry A Knife

You ever stop and ask yourself “Why carry a knife?” Day after day, as we’re heading out the door, we grab our keys, wallets and our knives. I actually didn’t start carrying a knife everyday until after I’d started The Daily Prep (In fact, it was August 11, 2011…you can see the historic moment happen […]

Daily Prep Episode 294: Kershaw Skyline

Quick Look of the Kershaw Skyline

Last Friday, I picked up a new little EDC knife… the Kershaw Skyline. I was at Blade HQ’s 10th anniversary and storefront grand opening party. The mood was right, and knives were “in the air”, so I decided to snag this guy…but not before I almost bought

Daily Prep Episode 288: Civis Armatus and Gun Policy.org

2nd Amendment Shirts

Ever since the “Post-Sandy Hook” firearms craziness began, I’ve seen a bunch of bumper stickers and shirts in support of the 2nd Amendment. Many of them are a little too loud and crazy for me though. Even though I’m down with sending a message, there are a bunch I just could never bring myself to […]