Bug Out

FerFal Interview: Bugging Out and Relocating

I have a legitimate prepisode TREAT for you guys today. Many of you guys are already familiar with Fernando “FerFal” Aguirre, but in case you aren’t, he is the creator […]

The REAL Version of Bugging Out

As I’m sure most of you have seen or heard about by now, my home town of San Diego, CA is ablaze with wildfires right now. And just like all […]

Daily Prep Episode 293: Advice for Building Off The Grid

On the coattails of yesterday’s prepisode about the Off The Grid Build website, I thought I’d let you in on a recent convo I had with my buddy Mike a […]

Modular Bug Out Shelter for $1595

A couple weeks ago, I got an interesting comment on a post I wrote in 2011 entitled “Is This the Best Bug Out Shelter?”. It was from a dude named […]

Daily Prep Episode 281: Where to Buy Shipping Containers for Your Retreat

Like a handful of you guys out there, I have a minor obsession with ISBU shipping container housing.  It stems out of a handful of reasons. Shipping containers are: Cheap […]

Daily Prep Episode 266: Could You Live in a 65 Sq. Ft Tiny House?

As some of you guys know, I’m a big Tim Ferriss fan (writer, entrepreneur, tech investor, etc). Last week he did a video with a buddy of his where he […]

Daily Prep Episode 235: Hurricane Sandy-Last Minute Preps and Resources

Hurricane Sandy is starting to hit the East Coast, and from the looks of it, it’s going to be a nasty one. Here’s a few quick last minute helps. Resources: […]