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EXO Shelter By Reaction Housing: Emergency Shelter for a Family of 4

Every year, thousands of families are displaced by disasters. While these families are trying to figure out their next move, they need to take temporary shelter somewhere. The EXO Shelter, […]

How Many Watts Do You Need?

Ever wondered how many watts you need in a generator, battery backup system, or solar panel setup? The “Watt Worksheet” from my buddy Ben at Financial Survivalist is exactly what […]

Practical Preppers App Hits the Market! – Daily Prep Episode 352

Guess what folks–after years of faithful service, my green filp phone has finally been retired. I finally joined the ranks of smartphone users with an iPhone 4S. As part of […]

Your $500 Budget Arsenal – Daily Prep Episode 349

Today’s Best of Web Monday resource comes from my good friend and fellow YouTuber “Never Enuff Ammo.” (Matt) As you can probably judge from the sound of his username, the […]

The Urban Farming Guys – Daily Prep Episode 347

If you’re a prepper and you live urban, you NEED to check out The Urban Farming Guys. They are a group of 20+ families who purposely moved into one of […]

Ben Falk’s Whole Systems Design – Daily Prep Episode 344

Today’s Best of Web Monday resource is Whole Systems Design. Basically put, ¬†Whole Systems Design is a study of how humans can get the most abundance out of their land. […]

Building Off Grid From Scratch – Daily Prep Episode 342

For the last little while, I’ve been in contact with a fellow YouTuber and viewer of The Daily Prep named “FixedByDoc.” He originally made some comments on my “Are IT […]