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Off Grid and Green Homes for Sale

If you’re hoping to someday have an off grid house, Green Homes for Sale is definitely a website you should check out. Like many real estate websites, it contains listings […]

Ben Falk: Adaptive Land Homesteading Video

Ben Falk is the man. And his video on Adaptive Land and Infrastructure Systems for a Changing World, is incredibly thought provoking. At 127 minutes, it’s definitely not a short […]

Proclivus IOS Prepper App

For today’s best of web, I wanted to share a pretty cool mobile app that I’ve been playing with for the last little while. The app is called “Proclivus” (latin […]

Off Grid Documentary

In today’s “best of web” monday edition, I wanted to throw to the Beyond Off Grid documentary website. As the name suggests, the documentary discusses off grid living, and how […]

EXO Shelter By Reaction Housing: Emergency Shelter for a Family of 4

Every year, thousands of families are displaced by disasters. While these families are trying to figure out their next move, they need to take temporary shelter somewhere. The EXO Shelter, […]

How Many Watts Do You Need?

Ever wondered how many watts you need in a generator, battery backup system, or solar panel setup? The “Watt Worksheet” from my buddy Ben at Financial Survivalist is exactly what […]

Practical Preppers App Hits the Market! – Daily Prep Episode 352

Guess what folks–after years of faithful service, my green filp phone has finally been retired. I finally joined the ranks of smartphone users with an iPhone 4S. As part of […]