In today’s BOWM, I throw to the Low Tech Combat project, and specifically The Human Combative Behavior Manifesto.

The HCBM is a 44 page free ebook offered by the guys at Low Tech Combat (you actually have to subscribe to their site, but well worth it!), that explains in detail the 2 different types of violent behavior that you will face–the “Alpha Male”, and “The Predator.” The book does a great job of explaining the motivations, indicators, and overall behavior of these 2, as well as what to do to deescalate each type of encounter.

They draw a lot of comparisons to violence that takes place within the animal kingdom, which makes a lot of sense to me. The whole thing is very no-frills and no-nonsense, and I think you guys will like it.

Low Tech combat is a great resource for you daily preppers–be sure and check them out!

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