Daily Prep Episode 200: Happy Birthday to The Daily Prep!

The Daily Prep officially celebrated it’s first birthday!

That’s right, August 1st of 2011, I posted my very first prepisode. And now 200 prepisodes later (definitely wasn’t “daily” eh? :-), we’re celebrating our first year together.

So many good times caught on camera, and many more to come. Over the next year, some of the things I’m planning to focus on are:

  • more guests
  • more of the female perspective with my wife
  • more written posts, how-tos, and downloadable resources on my blog
  • trying to up the production value of my vids
  • trying to meet more of you folks offline

I’m loving it guys! Thanks for watching, commenting, and just being interested-let’s go another year!


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    • http://www.thedailyprep.com/ Urbivalist Dan

      Thanks Todd–appreciate it man.

  • DocTarboro

    Congrats Dan! It’s been a great year!

    • http://www.thedailyprep.com/ Urbivalist Dan

      Thx Doc, you’ve been here for most of it!

  • Drake22_robert

    congrats on 1 yr. its been great, looking forward to an other yr.

    • http://www.thedailyprep.com/ Urbivalist Dan

      Me too! Should be a good one. Already lining up some cool adventures and cool guests…thanks for the kind words and for being part of the journey Robert…

  • David

    You keep filming I’ll keep watching. Congrats.

    • http://www.thedailyprep.com/ Urbivalist Dan

      You got yourself a deal. Thx David.